The Demron® One-Ply Radiation Torso Vest


The Demron™ Radiation Self Cooling Vest provides pure gamma reduction and self-cooling to the first responder in a radiological event. The vest can be added to any BC suit to also provide true CBRN protection. Demron’s Cool Stealth Technology also reduces IR detection for stealth operations.

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Standard Features:

  • 360 degree torso and groin coverage against gamma radiation
  • Adjustable waist to fit any size
  • Self cooling for increased sustainability
  • Provides shielding to vital organs
  • Poncho design allows for rapid deployment
  • Specific molecular engineering provides protection against X-ray and low energy Gamma emissions
  • Vest ensemble includes a removable thyroid protector
  • Reduces IR detection for Stealth Operations
  • Can be combined with standard BC suits to provide nuclear protection

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