Multi-Use Demron C Suit

  • Certified ASTM 1670/1671 (per CDC standards)
  • Prolonged use without heat stress
  • Protects against SARS-COV 2
  • Optimal for healthcare professionals and first responders
  • Lightweight & affordable
  • Extreme protection for in-home family care
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA


Get ROI Disposable Protection That’s Reliable PLUS Rapid ROI

The C-Suit Provides Your With Rapid ROI When Compared To Standard Disposable PPEs. For example, the C-Suit pays for itself in only 2 Weeks when you calculate the costs of using a disposable PPE (based upon national averages for daily PPE usage).

Always Protected

In addition to military and first responder teams, Demron products have been used for years by U.S. CST teams, the FDNY, IAEC, DSTA, and NASA. The U.S. Army recently joined forces with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue in a nuclear disaster exercise that showcased the Demron product line


The Demron C: Antiviral & Reusable Suit

Demron C is developed from the same technology as RST’s Demron line of anti-terrorism Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) protective garments, which for years have been used by the U.S. military and many international first responder and military teams. Specifically, Demron C is tailored to fit the needs of the healthcare and first responder community for durable, cost-effective, anti-viral PPE..


Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) is the world leader in the research, design and production of personal protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation.


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Radiation Shield Technologies Reports Increase in U.S. and International Consumers Purchasing ‘Demron’ Personal-Protection Gear Used by First Responders